We Reside in A Society Ruled by Law

Many individuals have revealed their stress and anxiety about overstaffing in many Government workplaces while work effectiveness is low. How do you react to these grievances?

The issue of overstaffing has been a hot subject which was consisted of in the program of the 6th National Party Congress in 1986. Delegates participating in the Congress then all settled on the need to enhance State organizations, especially scaling down public staff.

In 2001-2010 and 2011-2020, the Government also embraced different resolutions and Comprehensive Administrative Reform Programmes. Those programs have accomplished successes. The number of Government ministries and sectors was minimized from 40 to 30 and so were their staff numbers. In truth, the number of general departments or departments of some brand-new ministries has increased, so have their staffs.

The device in the political system stays troublesome and even overlaps. A case in point is the field of food security which is handled by 3 ministries; the Ministry of Trade and Commerce, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Ministry of Construction. Mineral resources management is another example, which is handled by the Ministry of Construction and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Such troublesome administrative management has led to disarrayed management and bad performance. From my viewpoint, this is a huge obstacle for the national economy to establish.

Do not you think that we need an effective and structured State device?

The current Resolutions 18 and 19 of the Party Central Committee repeated the country’s decision to scale down public servant numbers and to reorganize the public workplaces and companies.

In my viewpoint, to do this we must concentrate on examining the functions and jobs of Government companies in the context of a market economy and a State governed by law.

To puts it simply, the jobs of main offices/agencies are to establish nationwide organizations, methods, and policies in addition to carrying out guidance activities. Then city governments will become carrying out companies to turn the main Government’s methods and policies into truth.

How do you react to the recommendation of combining some titles of the Party and administration at the district and commune levels?

I cannot concur more. A Secretary of the District Party Committee ought to also be the Chairman of that District People’s Committee. Are these positions at the common level?

To do that we need tight and efficient guidance to make sure that these people perform their tasks appropriately.

Do you have any ideas to guarantee that the Party and Government’s policies and standards are strictly carried out?

It is unassailable, the Party and Government’s policies and standards should be strictly executed to the letter. In truth, in some cases, they are just partly carried out. We’re now residing in a society ruled by law, so it is the responsibility of all Vietnamese residents to maintain and comply with it no matter who you are– a senior Party/Government authorities or a rank and file resident.